As we’re slowly approaching the release date of our first title, Rigid Force Alpha, there are so many things we’d like to share with all of you. We got lots and lots of especially cool screenshots, animated GIFs, video clips, soundtrack previews, renderings, development insights and much, much more for you to enjoy!

We thought a bit about how we make sure that all these news actually reach you. Having our team website up and running is one thing, but we really want to reach out even to the people that never heard of us yet.

Jumping into social media, full force!

Therefore you will now find us on the most relevant social media platforms, where we’ll constantly be posting exciting news and development insights.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest development news and chit-chat. Recently posted screenshots and other images from our daily gamedev lifes can also be found on our Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Soundtrack snippets and trailers will regularly be posted on Soundcloud and YouTube, respectively. And last but not least there’s still our project page over at IndieDB, where you’ll also find our extensive monthly development updates.

Come on over and follow us!

So, what are waiting for? We’d be happy to see you there!