Accolades Trailer & More Info

June 30, 2020 — Thanks for all the great feedback and reviews for our 2.5D Shmup Rigid Force Redux! As we received a few comments on the game’s difficulty and length, we have decided to share some information with you on the game’s different play modes and tips on how to easily climb up the global leaderboards. In addition, please take a look at our new accolade trailer:

Experience the action-packed Story Mode!

Experience the exciting storyline firsthand with the Main Mission of Rigid Force Redux! Climb into the battleship’s pilot seat and blast off to take down infected aliens and dreadful machines that are programmed to wage intergalactic war against humanity!

Throughout the mission, the players will be supported by Psye, a helpful onboard AI in their battle craft. Together, they will confront the enemy threat and blast their way through six lavishly designed stages and face multiple gigantic end bosses.

The plot of the ‘CORE’, a fearsome alien virus, is told in animated cutscenes and is dubbed in English, German and Japanese. Subtitles are also available in many other languages.

Rigid Force Redux features multiple endings – the best ending only comes after facing the challenges in the higher difficulty levels.

Conquer The Global Leaderboards!

In addition to the Story Mode, Rigid Force Redux comes with multiple gameplay modes to keep all players on their toes. The Arcade Mode will allow replay of all stages with special sets of gameplay rules. Score big and compare the results on the leaderboards with players from all over the world!

In Arcade Mode, collecting Energy Orbs will increase the players’ multiplier level. All points will be multiplied after shooting down the foes, but the players will need to maintain a constant supply of Orbs to avoid multiplier levels to drop again. Collect as many of them as possible to boost the score!

And there are even more ways to increase your score counter:

While playing in the Arcade Mode, the players might find several astronauts floating helplessly in space. Positioning the battleship close to these poor fellows to pick them up, and the players will be rewarded with extra points!

As the players go through the stages, they will eventually come across so-called Orb Bombs: These little capsules are filled with a whole lot of Energy Orbs just waiting to be released. Destroy them with the blaster to set them free! Pro Tip: Wait for some enemies to close in, as these bombs will cause extra damage when blown up!

There will be a final opportunity to earn extra points at the end of the stage! The players’ overall performance will be reviewed in the result screen and extra points are added if the players have fulfilled certain conditions. All combined, the players will get closer to the top of the leaderboards!

Achieve new ‘best time’ in Boss Rush mode

Boss Rush mode is all about setting the personal record in the time-based adventure. Jump into action and find the best tactic against all bosses to destroy them all – every second counts!

In between battles, there will be opportunities to upgrade or change the arsenal by playing short bonus stages and collect enough Energy Orbs for the next fight. If no upgrades are needed, then get into action with boost portals to complete this stage faster – after all, the timer will be ticking away mercilessly!

After a successful run the players’ best time will be sent to the global leaderboards. Compare the best time against all players around the world! Beat everyone’s best time in the next run and make it to the top of the leaderboards!

For more info on Rigid Force Redux, check out our Product Page!