Weapon Systems in Rigid Force Redux:

Today we’d like to shed some light on the many powerful weapon systems of the Rigid Force Alpha spacecraft!

At the beginning, your ship is equipped with the default weapon, an effective high-frequency energy blaster. But in order to stand a chance against all the gigantic mechanoids and menacing space creatures you’re going to face, you’ll definitely need some better gear! Luckily there’s plenty of powerful and impressive weaponry to find along your way through the stages of Rigid Force Redux!


Choose your weapon!

By collecting Power Ups on your way through each stage you can equip your ship with powerful Weapon Systems, each of them with unique characteristics:

  • Default: Simple, yet effective high-frequency energy blaster
  • Laser: Powerful Linear Projectiles
  • Spread Shot: Multi-directional projectiles in scattered pattern
  • Rebound: These projectiles reflect off surfaces

Enhance your ship with Force Shards!

Sounds good already, but there’s more to discover! In order to enhance your ship’s fire power even further, you can collect up to four Force Shards which attach to your ship.

Tactical positioning for strategic play!

These Force Shards will fire additional projectiles, depending on your active Main Weapon System. By tapping the shoulder buttons, the Force Shards can also be adjusted to four different positions, allowing for strategical play once you’re familiar with all the combinations of weapon abilities and Force Shard directions.

And by the way, you can also use these Force Shards to block smaller enemy projectiles. Each blocked projectile adds a tiny bit of extra energy to the ship, which can then be used for your next Charge Shot attack!

Power up for massive damage!

On top of that, you can collect Energy Orbs dropped by defeated enemies. These fill up your ship’s energy supply and eventually allow for an ultra-powerful Charge Shot!

Additional Missiles for extra damage!

The Rigid Force Alpha spacecraft can also be equipped with different types of missiles to cause additional damage! Each missile type can be upgraded in two levels:

  • Homing Missile: Targets nearby enemies.
  • Seeker Missile: Targets enemies at the same altitude.
  • Ground Missile: Powerful carpet bomb targeting enemies beneath the ship.

Defend your ship against enemy bullets!

The Rigid Force Alpha also comes equipped with the so-called Bullet Blade. Use it to deflect enemy projectiles in close range! However, keep in mind that each use of this defense mechanic consumes a good portion of your collected energy, and thus it should be used wisely!

Try it yourself!

All these different weapon combinations invite to experiment and learn about their advantages. There are quite a lot of possible combinations, and we made sure that all these features are quick and easy to learn and master!

You can check it out yourself soon, as the release of Rigid Force Redux for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is right around the corner.

See you there! 🙂