Your new helpful AI companion!

Today we take a look at Psye, the helpful on-board AI in Rigid Force Redux. Psye will assist you throughout the game with plenty of helpful advice and was already part of the original PC release of 2018.

A fundamental makeover

Back then, however, Psye used to look quite different. For Rigid Force Redux, our upcoming console version, we decided to give our character a whole new look! We decided to take this step because we felt that the original design didn’t really fit the overall style of our game anymore, and we also wanted to achieve a more likeable overall look.

The new 2D design is based on the original color scheme of the Rigid Force Alpha spacecraft, and we think it transports the typical anime-inspired console-shmup-feeling way better than our earlier 3D approach!

By the way, our brand-new Psye was created by Japanese manga artist Damurushi, who is already known to many of you through her work in the crazy dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend or the manga Absolute ZERO.

How does Psye get into the game?

Whenever Psye has something important to tell, she’ll appear in the game as an animated portrait next to a message box. Beside separate eye and mouth animations we’ve also implemented some additional effects for extra detail! By the way, all of Psye’s texts are dubbed in English, German and Japanese by our talented voice actresses, and you can freely choose whichever version you like to hear.

How do you like Psye’s new design? Share your opinion with us using the comment function below! 🙂