Rigid Force Redux Launches on Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

After many years of hard work, Rigid Force Redux finally arrived on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One today!

Rigid Force Redux is classic horizontal shoot’em up action with modern 3D graphics, an outstanding synthwave soundtrack by DREAMTIME and Michael Chait, a unique weapon mechanic, lots of enemies and big bosses, multiple different game modes, online leaderboards, 40 achievements and much, much more!

Check out the game’s product site for more info or watch the trailer below!

Lots of Improvements and New Features!

Rigid Force Redux is the vastly enhanced console version of Rigid Force Alpha, originally released on Steam in 2018. Compared to the original release we made sure to include a whole lot of general improvements:

  • 60 FPS for ultra-smooth gameplay
  • Optimized controls – more responsive and way faster
  • Support for 4 additional languages (Korean, Russian, Chinese & Brazilian)
  • Completely re-recorded English voice-overs by voice actress Natalie Hitzel
  • Support for all possible controller variants and HD Rumble on Switch
  • Support for 4K and HDR on Xbox One X

Changes on the visual side include:

  • New design for in-game character Psye by manga artist Damurushi
  • Brand-new achievement gallery with 40 fullscreen illustrations
  • Revised backgrounds and lighting
  • Improved visual effects and shaders
  • Improved menus and in-game HUD
  • Revised interface and score display for Arcade Mode

The game is now much more beginner-friendly with following gameplay & balancing improvements:

  • Revised enemy hitpoints and score balancing
  • Enemy shooting patterns and obstacles now scale by difficulty level
  • Additional weapon drops during boss battles and after using a continue
  • Revised medal rating levels in Arcade Mode
  • Revised boss attack patterns
  • Revised achievement balancing

A Message from the Team

When we started the Rigid Force project in our spare time in December 2011, we aimed to create a modern horizontal shmup that we’d truly enjoy ourselves. Seven years later, in August 2018, Rigid Force Alpha was released on Steam. And as it turned out, the game was certainly also enjoyed by thousands of other people, and soon had fans all around the globe.

A lot of people kept asking for a console version, which unfortunately was not possible with the engine the original game ran on. We decided to rebuild the whole game from scratch in the Unity engine, which finally enabled porting the project to different platforms.

Now, after another year of hard work, we finally finished the console version for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Together with our publishers Headup and Chorus Worldwide we proudly present Rigid Force Redux. We hope you enjoy the game!

Have fun!

PS: Since we already received several requests for a physical version, a PlayStation release or an update of the original PC release on Steam: Rest assured that we’ve read all those messages, but please understand that some things take just a little more time.
Stay tuned! 😉