Conquer The Global Leaderboards!

Besides the exciting story mode, Rigid Force Redux also comes with additional gameplay modes for extra long-term motivation. The Arcade Mode lets you replay all stages with a special set of gameplay rules. Score big time and compare your results with players from all around the globe via the online leaderboards feature!

Max Out Your Score!

In Arcade Mode, collecting energy orbs will increase your multiplier level. All the points you get by shooting down your foes will be multiplied with this factor. But be careful: If you don’t keep up a constant supply of Orbs, your multiplier level will drop again. Make sure to collect as many of them as possible to make your score skyrocket!

Rescue All Lost Astronauts!

Throughout the stages of the Arcade Mode you will encounter several astronauts floating helplessly in space. Help these poor fellows out by positioning your ship close to them for a while in order to pick them up for extra points! Will you save all of them?

Have a Blast With Orb Bombs!

On your way through the stages you will also come across the so-called Orb Bombs: These little capsules are filled with a whole lot of Energy Orbs just waiting to be released by you! Destroy them with your blaster to set them free! Pro Tip: They’ll also cause massive extra damage when blowing up, so wait for some enemies to close in!

Score extra bonus points!

Once you reach the end of the stage, get ready for even more points! Your overall performance will be reviewed In the result screen and you’ll receive extra bonus points for fulfilling certain conditions! A perfect result will bring you even closer to the top of the leaderboards!

How many points will you reach? Find it out: Rigid Force Redux is now available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One!