Here we are! I finally found the time to set up the com8com1 website, our new home that is meant to give you more insights in our game development projects. And besides that, a handy way to concentrate all the news and footage we are constantly releasing into one place.

If you want to learn more about our first title, Rigid Force Alpha (which supposedly is why you’ve come here in the first place), you can head right over to the project page. For now, you will find some fundamental information and recent in-game footage. Enjoy! This page will continuously be updated with interesting stuff and news about the game’s development, so check back often.

There’s also a bit more to discover: You can learn more about com8com1 on the ‘about’ page or contact us directly using the contact form. And you’ll find a handy Twitter feed in the footer area for more frequent development updates. Don’t forget to follow us in order to get all the updates right into your timeline!

And that’s about it. Thanks for dropping by! And please let us know how you like our site or if there’s anything you’re missing by using the comments section below!